Dental implant solution

How does this kos dental implant system work?

Modern dental implant systems make it possible to help people who want to replace their dentures. Our dentists create natural looking teeth (crowns, bridges and implants) using state-of-the-art computer design technology, no matter if patients have just one missing tooth and wear partial dentures or full dentures for many years.


Dental implant  enables dental restoration for almost every patient.

Everyone wish to smile with confidence and have a quality life. However, missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures can affect our social life.

Our implantologists create natural looking teeth ( crown, bridge, dental implant) using the most advanced computer designed technology and all of them specialise in the best German (ANKYLOS), Swedish (Nobel BIOCARE) and Swiss implant systems (Straumann SLActive) to get you smiling again.

Dental implant costs £510 in Budapest, Hungary

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Dental implant is available at an affordable price in our Budapest and London partner clinic.

Problems with dentures

Wearing dentures or being toothless for a long period of time can have considerable effects on quality of life such as:


  • dentures are not fixed in place and tend to slip, move, and even fall out.


  • dentures can be very uncomfortable and painful


  • loss in taste sensations and difficulties in speaking

The above mentioned problems- which have negative impact on our everyday lives - often leading to more serious problems, particularly jaw bone loss and premature ageing. The reason for this is that natural tooth root creating stimulation deep into the jaw bone which serves to continually make the bone strong while dentures only rest on the gum and don't exercise the bone, leading to deterioration. 

Jaw bone loss

cause by wearing dentures

Why Replace Missing Teeth? The Effects of Missing Teeth

The effects of missing teeth can be detrimental to your long term oral and medical health. Missing teeth are also associated with old age and can make you look older than you are.

Premature ageing

caused by bone loss

As bone loss caused by missing teeth continues, the face continues to shorten and show signs of age.

Jawbone Deterioration

As soon as a tooth is lost, either from gum disease or an extraction, the supporting bone in the jaw begins to dissolve. This process is called resorption.


The longer a tooth is missing, the greater the bone loss.

The jawbone needs the chewing action of the teeth to stimulate it and keep it strong. Otherwise it will begin to disappear (atrophy) in the same manner that the unused muscles beneath a cast supporting a broken bone get smaller. Without the support of your teeth and facial bones, your face will begin to look prematurely aged. The good news is that tooth replacement with dental implants offers a solution to help prevent bone loss.

Unlike in the past, modern dentistry makes it possible to help people who no longer want to wear dentures. Dental implants will stimulate new bone growth, improve your appearance and your health regardless of whether you need full jaw restoration or full mouth restoration.

92% of patients

previously refused

treament remain suitable 

for implants.


Even if you've previously been considered unsuitable to receive implant treatment, our implantolgists specialised in the most advanced implant systems will provide you with the option best suited to you.

Trust us to help you and

smile confidently again!

All of our experienced implantologists specialise in either conventional or Kos implants  are able to provide permanent solutions for patients even for those who have previously been considered unsuitable for implant surgery due to severe bone loss.

Trust us to help you and

smile confidently again!

Start smiling again!
Dental implants are a preferred solution

Dental implants and bridges can help you smile without fear, enjoy your favourite meals again and make you feel more self-confident!

See the kind of dental work you can expect from us.

Trust us to help you and

smile confidently again!

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