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What is a dental CT scan?

New method for evaluating bone density

The use of cone beam CT (CBCT) scan or conical beam imaging has recently been introduced in dental implantology. The main advantage of this imaging technology is the reduction of the patient's irradiation and more accurate treatment planning while maintaining an outstanding three dimensional ( 3-D) image quality of your jaw bone density, sinus, teeth and nerve pathways. 


Nowadays, reputable dental surgeons only use dental Cone beam Computed Tomography (CT) in case of dental implant placement such as full jaw restoration or full mouth restoration (especially when significant bone loss presented) and impacted wisdom tooth removal.   


How much does a dental CT Scan cost in London?

The average fee of Ct Scans in London starts from £120 per jaw up to £250 in case of upper and lower jaw restoration.

There are more and more dental practices and X-ray centers offer this advanced dental imaging solution in larger cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham and Cambridge during implant consultation, however in most cases it is charged separately.

3D CT Scan (CBCT) in London  – FREE OF CHARGE*


In case of full jaw or full mouth restoration the cost of the CT scan taken in London will be deducted from the total cost of your treatment in Budapest, Hungary.

The price of CBCT for both jaws in Hungary is £60.

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