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Imperial Implant Dentistry  represents several prestigious dental clinics in London, Liverpool and Budapest. We work in close partnership with clinics specialising in different dental fields, such as dental  implantology and high aesthetic cosmetic dentistry. 

We have helped thousands of people to receive beautiful, strong new teeth and to lead happier and more fulfilled lives, in addition to which our partner dentists have received several awards and excellent clinic ratings from medical review companies.

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All of our Hungarian partner clinics specialise in full mouth restoration using the most advanced dental implant system.

Since 2009 we have helped thousands of people to receive stunning new teeth at an affordable price.

This implant system is made in Switzerland, however, the reasonable pricing makes us a sought-after dental treatment provider in Budapest, Hungary even for Swiss patients. 

The clinics are fully equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment from Germany, Sweden and Switzerland and only use materials of the highest standard.

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Our award-winning laboratory allows us to perform certain lab procedures - making crowns, bridges and dentures, for example – in most cases on the premises of the treatment. You can benefit from significantly reduced waiting times for this type of work. It also means that laboratory technicians are available to work directly with you to receive the very best new teeth both in terms of function and aesthetics.

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Our dentists offer exceptional expertise in their respective fields of specialisation, such as dental implant surgery and cosmetic dentistry. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for providing compassionate care and personal attention to each patient.

Dr Gabor Barath

Specialist in Dentoalveolar Surgery and Implantology

He is involved in dental implant research and is an opinion leader for  Swiss Implant System and Geistlich Biomaterials.

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